So, my back end web development class at GA is over.

I learned a lot, and it was a really good experience. All in all, it really helped me get along in this trip to become a web developer. But, I find myself asking again, now what?

I need the front-end skills, this won’t go to the next level unless I can show some full-stack knowledge.

In the book store the other day, I found a rag “Code”, looks like just some glorified advert for a framework, but inside was a cool little app, written in Ruby (I know that) and Sinatra (I know that too) - it searches for beer using BreweryDB. SOLD!

The app is bare bones enough and fairly straight forward that I think I can use this as a springboard to play with some front end technologies.

Right now, I have it deployed to Heroku, here. Now, just need to think of some ways to spruce things up.